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The West Australian: Out of Context - for Pina

The West Australian have reviewed 2011 Perth Festival dance production, Out of Context - for Pina:

There were so many exceptional performances but the tiny and supple Kaori Ito was one favourite. With one leg extended to ear height, It's foot on the end was a character in its own right. Romeu Runa was another irresistible performer. His long, gangly limbs seemed to have a life of their own and his antics with the microphone provided many of the haunting sound effects. And he movingly held the audience with only his gaze.

It must be emphasised that each performer deserves recognition for their role in this startling work. As the dancers left the stage one by one, it was hard to hold back the tears that suddenly sprung, unbidden, to the eyes.

To read the full review, visit thewest.com.au.

Out of Context - for Pina
Sat 19-Tue 22 Feb