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PerthNow: Waltzing the Wilarra

David Craddock from PerthNow.com.au has reviewed Waltzing the Wilarra, which opened at the weekend.

Constant vaudevillian asides, snappy musical numbers and genuinely hilarious comedy routines keep the play rolling along at a manic, highly entertaining, speed.

Kelton Pell’s take on the club’s MC Mr Mack – part circus ringleader, part community leader – is particularly charming, as are Helpmann Award winning-actress Ursula Yovich’s beautifully-performed croony ballads.

Ernie Dingo’s highly-anticipated return the stage after twenty years also yielded a polished, energised and impressive performance.

To read the full review, visit PerthNow.com.au.

Waltzing the Wilarra
Tue 8 Feb-Sun 6 March