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Breakthrough to the Perth Festival

Breakthrough to the unusual, the cutting edge and some seriously weird international acts coming to Perth as part of the 2011 Perth Festival. A specially selected 'bakers dozen' for those seeking the most daring of what's on offer, the profiled performances are without exception definitely not standard 'artsy fare'.

  • Performances for risk takers
  • Acts beyond the extraordinary
  • Artists with grit, talent and guts

Have you got the chops?

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Theatre - Dance - Music - Beck's Music Box

The Red Shoes (Theatre)
Dipping into music, mime, dance and devilishness (and just a bit crazy!) The Red Shoes outstandingly demonstrates life's precariousness when a young girl is tricked into buying a pair of risqué red shoes that she discovers won't come off her feet! Just how far would you go to stop dancing?
The Animals and Children took to the Streets (Theatre)
1927 invite you to a dystopian metropolis of inner city paranoia. Seamlessly synchronizing live music, performance and storytelling with stunning film and animation this is a wickedly twisted tale... where the wolf is always at the door.
Donka: A Letter to Chekhov (Theatre)
Spellbinding and dreamy, we invite you to step into another world. A world full of magic, awe-inspiring acrobatics and ethereal, achingly beautiful performance. Premiering to overwhelmingly acclaim, including a thunderous 15-minute standing ovation, prepare to be astonished and left wanting more.
Aftermath (Theatre)
20 March 2003. The coalition of the willing arrive in Iraq. Invasion or liberation? Just war or war crime? Whatever your opinion, for the ordinary people of Iraq the impact would have been unimaginable. Until now.  Aftermath presents first hand accounts of life since that fateful day. Moving, powerful and even at times funny, perhaps the world isn't as black and white as one thinks.
Trust (Theatre)
Berlin is the epicenter of cutting edge theatre today with Falk Richter (director) and Anouk van Dijk (chorographer) two of its hottest stars. Together they have produced Trust, a blistering look at modern life in a hyper-capitalist society - where everything can be traded, billions are lost and love has become just another commodity.
Human Interest Story (Dance)
Moving between moments of wit and reverberating anxiety, Human Interest Story explores how we react (or fail to react) to events, both trivial and profound, as they enter out private lives through the news.
Out of Context - for Pina (Dance)
Celebrated international director, Alain Platel has created this masterpiece on a belief in the power of the human body as an emotional tool, as bearer of memory and the raw material for living visual art. On a stripped back stage, nine of his long-time dancers move from order to chaos, dysfunction to inner transcendence while incorporating a little moon-walking, bump and grind and fractured disco along the way.
Soundtrack to a Legend (Music)
Long-time Miles Davis collaborator, acclaimed drummer Jack DeJohnette and his band play the bone-crunching live jazz score for A Tribute to Jack Johnson, William Cayton's 1971 documentary about the first black heavyweight champion. Fighter Jack Johnson was a hero to the black community for both his physical prowess and his battles against racism in the early 20th century. Told through original footage and images, his story is an inspiration.
The Be(A)st of Taylor Mac (Beck's Music Box)
Featuring the best songs from his award-winning shows, New York's legendary cabaret-drag-performance artist extraordinaire captivates with a subversive jukebox musical that will leave you exhausted and in love. Wickedly funny, this gender-bending fusion of insight, honesty and stark raving fabulousness demonstrates why Taylor Mac is considered one of the most exciting theatre artists of our time.
Best Coast (Beck's Music Box)
Like the precocious child of My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys, Best Coast offer up laidback, distortion-laced garage rock infused with blissful splashes of '60s California pop. Their debut Crazy for You is so chocked full of catchy tunes it qualifies as musical bubblegum, while Bethany Cosentino's sweetly sardonic vocals have made her the indie dream girl of boys in skinny jeans everywhere
Omar Souleyman (Beck's Music Box)
He's a legend of the Arabic pop scene, from Jakarta to Damascus, and a superstar sold on virtually every street corner of his native Syria. Now his infectious dabke and Jhadi techno hits the West, with songs such as 'I Will Dig Your Grave with My Hands' and 'Stab my Heart' seizing audiences from Berlin to our shores
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra (Beck's Music Box)
Melbourne's original Afrobeat heavyweights ignite the dance floor with scorching contemporary African funk, conscious hip hop and spirit-soaring energy. Put your hands in the air for limb-loosening, heavy-duty groove explosions from a mammoth 16-strong ensemble wielding hard-charging horns, pulsating percussion, funky guitar and hot vocals. Making their very special Perth debut, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra play songs from Do Anything Go Anywhere, an album that epitomises Fela Kuti's notion of a 'musical weapon'