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Welcome to the 2011 Perth Festival
The art of playing is one of the most precious aspects to life. From childish abandonment to humour borne of experience, the instinct to live through games of imagination, acting out stories and moving our bodies is common to all ages and cultures. Through play we imagine other worlds, other futures and other people.

An infectious air of playfulness permeates this program as artists bring their ideas and passions to life. Ideas both profound and hilarious are explored through physical theatre and dance. They evoke the past with a whimsical beauty and explore contemporary life with an unflinching gaze at our most vulnerable selves. From madcap moments on the streets, space missions, late-night dancing and hands-on experiences for kids, our artists invite you to join in.

Through new Australian work, the program celebrates the unique, quirky and perplexing aspects of our history, our identity and our place in the world. Similarly the visual arts and ART:CITY interrogate our relationship with our environment and delve into how this might shape our future.

With a music program of sublime beauty, some of the world's most exciting writers and an iconic summer season of film, I hope you find many ways to play within our program.

The Festival team have applied their own sense of passion, dedication and humour to the creation of this program, for which I am incredibly grateful. As we come to the end of my four-year cycle as Artistic Director, I would like to add sincere thanks to the Festival Board, to General Manager Julian Donaldson, to our sponsors, to our donors and to the many, many people across Perth who cherish this Festival.

Shelagh Magadza
Artistic Director